The Temnæs cabin is situated on a protected headland extending into Skanderborg lake.

The cabin itself, which is primitiv in style, has room for 25 persons


Yonder where the road bends ....

When H.C. Andersen wrote this, you might think that he was sitting outside the Temnæs cabin. You will have to look far to find a more beautiful place. Just when you think you have taken a wrong turn, you arrive. The cabin is raised with a view over Skanderbog Lake and the amazing old trees. The cabin is painted black, thatched and has small windows. Inside the cabin is kept in trued scout style with a woodburner and wooden interior. However, it inludes the necessities required today.

The toilet building is kept in the same style. The newest addtition is an attractive shelter with a view over the lake, hidden away in the forest.

The scout cabin Temnæs, provides opportunity to become one with nature. It is owned by 'Det Danske Spejderkorps' (the Danish scout association).

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